Ic_cdk create_canister_with_extra_cycles deprectated?

ic_cdk::api::management_canister::main::create_canister_with_extra_cycles was deprecated?

if it was, what should be use instead?

and where was the deprecation announced, I find nothing in the ic_cdk CHANGELOG about it?

The feature was indeed remove in this PR https://github.com/dfinity/cdk-rs/commit/bfa2b386d16f6596f7a75349314932058da3c17c

It’s “documented” in the CHANGELOG under:


  • No hard-coded fees for management canister calls. (#404)

I understand create_canister_with_extra_cycles should be replaced by create_canister and the developer (me) as to pass the correct number of cycles according documentation:

/// This call requires cycles payment. The required cycles varies according to the subnet size (number of nodes).
/// Check Gas and cycles cost for more details.