Httpoutcall error

{"Ok":[{"Consistent":{"Err":{"HttpOutcallError":{"IcError":{"code":{"SysTransient":null},"message":"Canister http responses were different across replicas, and no consensus was reached"}}}}}]}

hey out of every 3 http_out_calls i make, 2 of them return this error. do you have any suggestions for improving this?

Assuming you are asking about this particular error message, there are few threads on the forum. This thread is the last to which I participated with an answer. Hope that helps.

Yes, I assume the solution would be to use the transform function to get rid of everything except the body and the status, however I’m using evm rpc canister to make these calls and I think that the transform function should’ve already been implemented for that. let me check the code of EVM RPC canister and if that is not the case i will write here again.

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