How to use dfx to interact with NNS canisters instead of nns app



My users do not have WebAuthn-supported devices, can them still participate in governance on the IC?

Now all operations related to ICP and neuron management need to use the NNS app.

In most cases, the NNS app is able to meet the demand. However, the demand cannot be met in the following situations:

  1. When the Identity cannot be used, because the NNS app relies on the authentication of the Identity component, the NNS app will also be unavailable.
    1. For example, for the seed round users, their locked neurons are controlled by the mnemonic phrase generated in 2017, and they cannot transfer control to the account in Identity. At this time, if they want to manipulate neurons (such as voting, unlocking, etc.), they cannot use the NNS app.
    2. The amount of user management is very large. If you want to use the offline two-step verification based on the private key file, you cannot use the NNS app at this time.
    3. WebAuth is still a relatively new standard, and browser support is not complete. And there are still many terminal devices (mobile phones, computers, etc.) that do not support security chips.
  2. When you need to manipulate neurons in batches, for example, you need to operate 100 neurons to vote. If it is based on the NNS app, you need to click hundreds of times, and wait for the voting results, etc., which is more troublesome

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