How to register a domain name

How to register a domain name? I looked on and I tried to search for available domian names with the search bar.Thinking it would be similiar to a godaddy type experience where you could search for the name and see if it is available and if so be able to register the domain name and then be able to configure the dns properties and use it.

But after a month of continually thinking that the pages functionality was down and therfore not able to display available names or register a name after continually checking… the site simply does not work at this time for this function of registration. It leads me to think the ability to register a domain name on this platform for the last 3 to 4 weeks has not been possible.This seems like something basic that should be 100% functional.

Hey @rancho, is managed by rocklabs. Probably, it’s best to directly reach out to them. I could find the following email address in their docs: