How to pass `cycles` param to `ic_cdk::api::management_canister::ecdsa::sign_with_ecdsa`

The arguments of ic_cdk's sign_with_ecdsa function have nothing about cycles

But the sign_with_ecdsa api actually need it:

How to pass cycles param to ic_cdk::api::management_canister::ecdsa::sign_with_ecdsa

I got this. But why we need ic_cdk::api::management_canister::ecdsa::sign_with_ecdsa as it not supports to pass cycles parameter. It seems broken since the management canister actually needs the parameter.

ic-cdk v0.9.0 is releases which contains an overhaul of management canister API.

In short, those methods require cycles payments are takeing explicit cycles parameter, including sign_with_ecdsa.