How to ensure that enough people participate in the vote on the proposal?

Hi, everyone. I want to propose a proposal. What channels do I have to get more people to vote on it before the 24 hours are up without the foundation participating?

I think you will need to publish to many platforms, here of the forum, Dscvr, twitter, telegram, discord.
It’s some effort to get everybody onboard, also might be a good idea is to give at least one week before submitting the proposal so that you give enough time for awareness.

Thanks for your answer, I will try to go to these places to publish. I’ve seen proposals launched without the foundation almost always fail with less than 3%. It worries me.

You might want to use “Proposal to Change Dissolve Delay Bonus and Age Bonus Parameters” as the way to think about how to pitch your proposal.

I think that the key idea of getting community input before authoring the proposal itself should be first and foremost. Also asking yourself as to why the community should care about the proposal and including that as a part of the intro might be useful to get community’s attention

Thank you for your answer. My proposal is about recovering the control of the stolen account. I don’t know whether the community will pay attention to this, I can only let as many people know as possible.

IMO you should really be asking it from a different perspective.

The community would care if your issue could also potentially become their issue. What if they lost control of their account? What should they do? How would they prove their identity? Are you proposing a streamlined approach that anyone can use? Or is this a one off ?

What is the specific proposal/s that would make it actionable for you? What were the alternatives that you considered?

Also be prepared to engage in dialog. This community is quite innovative in thinking;but is also supportive.


This is a road that no one has taken before, and making a proposal is the only way I currently see a hope of getting back control of the account. If I can follow this path, then other people will be able to follow my path to retrieve the account if something similar happens to them. I think it’s a good thing for the community based on that. Unfortunately, my account was stolen, but fortunately, my ICP has been locked for 8 years, which gives me time to retrieve my account. Just think about how to retrieve your account if your account is stolen. There is no answer right now.

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