How to create secp256k1 hash using rust or motoko in dfinity

Hello, I’m a beginner in dfinity and i’m learning it though the tutorial examples given in dfinity documentation. I’m trying to create a public key using secp256k1 hash given in canister_client’s Agent module:

But i’m unable to deploy the project. it shows me errors.

How can i create a public key and verify it from the canister ??
I’m sharing the screenshot of my code with you to understand my problem.
please help me on this.

Can you share your Cargo.toml file? Probably it is missing ic_canister_client and secp256k1 as dependencies.

Hello , here is my Cargo.toml file:

Please help me with demo example for how to use ic_agent::identity::secp256k1 in rust .

You could specify ic-canister-client in your toml file as:

ic-canister-client = { git = "" }    

However, using ic-cdk together with crates from the ic repo would lead to dependency conflicts. I’d advise you to use instead of ic-canister-client. If for some reason you must use ic-canister-client, then you should not use ic-cdk.

If you use ic-agent, you should import it as:

use ic_agent::Agent;

The ic-agent documentation ic_agent - Rust has examples of how to use it.

As for secp256k1, you should use version 0.6.0, in your rust code import it as:

use libsecp256k1::*;

I don’t know what you are trying to build, but if you are trying to build a canister, you need to set compiler target to wasm32-unknown-unknown. Also, neither ic-agent or ic-canister-client are meant to be used by a canister, they (and their dependencies) won’t be able to compile to wasm target.

If you are trying to build a standalone client that communicates with IC, then you most likely don’t want to use crate-type=["cdylib"].

There are other syntax errors in your rust code. I am sorry you are having trouble, but I’m afraid this forum is not the right venue for learning Rust.