How To Create Multiple ICP Addresses with Ledger App

I can successfully add a Hardware Wallet account in my NNS App. But if I try to add a second Hardware Wallet account in the same NNS App the generated ICP address is the same as the previous one.
How do I generate separate ICP addresses using the Ledger App? Generally with other Ledger Apps we can generate additional addresses but I couldn’t find a way with the Internet Computer Ledger App and the NNS App.

When you say you are trying to add a second hardware wallet account, you were adding the same hardware wallet correct?

The Ledger app itself supports multiple derivation paths, so it does support generating multiple principals and ICP addresses. However, support for different derivation paths isn’t yet available on the NNS dapp unfortunately.

Yes I am trying to add an additional derivative path from the same Ledger device. Thanks for the confirmation. Hopefully this functionality will be available in the future.