How to create a canister outside the current network?

As far as I understand, calling an actor constructor creates a canister inside the current network.

How to create a new canister outside the current network?

What are use cases of canisters outside the current network?

Right now there’s only the way via the cycles minting canister and by using the ICP → canister flow. I’m working on the changes needed to also allow that via cycles.

I know e.g. HotOrNot at some point started to get close to filling up their subnet so they decided to start deploying new user canisters to a different subnet so they don’t hit the limit. But it’s pretty rare that you want to be distributed over different subnets. Maybe also when you want to have a faster connection to a canister on another subnet you can deploy to the same subnet as that service and aggregate responses there before you make a lot of cross-subnet calls