How much does a project have to reveal to successfully launch a SNS governance?

I’ve been working on a project on the IC for a little while now, and I’ve been wondering what would be the best approach to releasing it. It’s making use of a token as utility (to access some features or reward users).

My inititial take was to release it on my own, and give tokens to early users who connect on it. Unfortunately I probably won’t have the time or ressources to do that.

So I’ve been thinking about launching a SNS. The problem I see, is that for the project to be credible I need to reveal how it works, maybe even open up the source code. But then everything is out there, and especially if the ICO fails there’s a risk that some people steal some hard work and recolt the benefits for themselves.

Maybe some answers to my own question could be :

  • use a licence that open up the code but forbid to copy it.
  • or, don’t reveal the code yet, and aim for a small ICO price, so there’s still a good chance it succeeds,
  • or just that the risk of “being stolen” is quite low anyway, so no need to worry
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