How canister limits access?

We did two tests.

  1. Test writing and reading HashMap: poptl-giaaa-aaaak-aaboa-cai
    At the beginning, it was possible to execute 100 times in one for loop, but later it was continuously limited to access and reported an error: “Canister poptl-giaaa-aaaak-aaboa-cai exceeded the cycles limit for single message execution.”
  2. Token transfer test: ond2n-sqaaa-aaaak-aabiq-cai
    We write a for-loop in another canister to call Token’s transfer(). At first, it can loop 100 times at once, but later it will report an error if it loops more than 3 times: “IC0503: Canister ond2n-sqaaa-aaaak-aabiq-cai trapped explicitly: could not perform self call”
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