Governance canister integration

I’m attempting to integrate the governance canister into my Dapp. My backend is written in Motoko. The issue is that there’s no documentation on the governance canister. I’d like to open a line of communication with the Governance canister team but i have no clue who’s on that team nor if they’re active in this forum. Would anyone be able to connect me with a member of the team responsible for engineering the governance canister?

you should use the SNS

Hi @Jesse,
as @heyuanxun pointed out (thanks!) designing an open governance system for dapps is exactly what we are working on in the SNS (service nervous system) project.
You can find more information on the governance canister in particular here.

Feel free to tag me if you have specific questions about the governance canister / SNS.
(I am one of the researchers working with the NNS team.)

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