Getting "ingress_expiry not within expected range" error when trying to deploy even the basic "Hello App"

I successfully launched an IC app last week with no issues. This week, I can’t seem to even get the basic build-in “Hello App” working.

First, when trying to launch a vite app I kept getting white screen a “ReferenceError: Buffer is not defined” error in the browser console log. This was when I was trying to create a new app using this front end template I had no issues with last week:

After that I figured I’d try deploying the most basic app possible using “dfx new hello-world”. This time I got the index screen to load, but now I’m getting this error when clicking the button:

“Specified ingress_expiry not within expected range”

I’ve tried reinstalling the SDK, updating dependencies to the latest versions, using different browsers, and a lot of other stuff with no success. Googled around but still confused about exactly what both issues are.

I even checked an app I know was working perfectly last week and it’s also not working, nothing was changed since then. Did I somehow mess something up with my environment or how I’m running the replica locally? What do I need to do?

For background, I’m coding using Visual Studio Code with a WSL Ubuntu on Windows 10, with everything setup exactly as outlined in the Motoko School guide:


Make sure you’re running WSL version 2, there are issues running the sdk with version 1. It’s also best to create your project in the WSL filesystem itself, eg under ~/my-projects , instead of on the mount directories. If either of those are the issue?

I remember this “Buffer is not defined” error. For me it was solved by updating to a newer version of node (15.4 in my case). This can help

The error messages shows a time window. Did you compare that to the actual time when you made the request. It looks like your local machine might have the wrong time?

I’m running WSL version 2 and I’m running the project within the filesystem itself, so neither of those could be the issue. Thanks for the contribution though, I really appreciate it!

Looks like my Ubuntu was behind a day for some reason!

This cleared the “ingress_expiry” issue. I’m still getting a “Error: Fail to verify certificate” error but I’ll try troubleshooting from there.

Thanks for the help!

Removing Buffer and a couple other obnoxious dependencies is also in the agent-js roadmap. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!