Generating ETH compatible address from ECDSA Public Key

I derived the address from the public key as ecdsa_public_key API return publicKey(66 bytes compressed) 0314d692d875c7920a7f5a9036e1efe32fdc2de389d8cf316d0f837e97999e08b0 and address derived is 0x281bfFB81DAA4670CDb17f1730Da140934c91487. The public key which online tool suggests output public key (128 bytes uncompressed) 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000314d692d875c7920a7f5a9036e1efe32fdc2de389d8cf316d0f837e97999e08b0 so the address derived is 0x03687EA309fF8a224BB6b1Fde951ad0A42d59816
So I want to ask if I should consider creating an address from 128 bytes key or 66 bytes key.

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Use this library or you can use this function directly.