Future Blockchain Integrations into IC

With Bitcoin and Ethereum paving the way for blockchain integration into IC, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on what should come next.

Which other blockchains do you believe should be prioritized for integration into the IC platform?

Looking forward to your insights and engaging in an enlightening discussion.

I’m thrilled by the potential of IC becoming a blockchain singularity, a connecting point integrating most of the other significant blockchains.


Personally, I think it must be evm chain first.

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Cronus first please it’s a great chain

Cro to the moon!

I would integrate Cardano, Filecoin and Polygon, but never Solana.

In my opinion, the primary attention should be directed towards Layer 1 (L1) chains. This is because the Internet Computer (IC) can address the same challenges that Layer 2 (L2) chains currently handle, particularly in terms of transactions per second (TPS) and associated fees.

Given their already established status, my choice would be to prioritize projects like COSMOS, POLKADOT, SOLANA, CARDANO, and AVALANCHE.

I think we should do some digging to figure out which popular projects out there would gain the most from switching their web hosting from centralized providers like AWS, Azure, and Google over to the Internet Computer ecosystem.


You jest, right?

DOGECOIN is the future. Doge and lite coin

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You jest?
You jest, right?

Dogecoin is the future of what? Valueless, tulip craze meme coins?

It’s litecoin sir just w a doggy svg

Cardano is litteraly scam chain made by Charles “satoshi” Hoskins

Some people used to literally call Definity that too.
Not anymore.
Hoskins did not call himself that. He claimed, ‘Adam Back “checks all the boxes” as a Satoshi Nakamoto candidate.’
If Cardano is as bad as you say, then why is it ranked up with the top cryptos?

I wanted to just post this but it wasn’t enough characters: