Frontend Support is not working correctly? - Solution

If you have updated to the latest version 0.4.10, the template html is loading and you get the “Enter your name” prompt, but there seems to be no feedback after that, make sure you visit localhost:8000 and not The latter doesnt serve the response from the actor for me.


There is a bug right now that made it through, unfortunately. We don’t wait for enough time from the client and timeout in the frontend. We have a fix ready. You could fix it yourself but that would require modifying the (minified) userlib.

Instead we will likely do a 0.4.11 with this single fix before the new year. Otherwise most (if not all) your calls will fail. I think queries should be slightly more stable but might also fail a lot.


0.4.11 is just out the oven and solves the call. You should use localhost which should work with this new version. Alexa will post the notes soon :slight_smile: