Fragemented Ordinals

ICPBunny DAO : Proposal for Fragmented Ordinals Decentralization Sale

Dear ICP Community,

We’re thrilled to introduce ICPBunny DAO and first proposal for the ICPBunny DAO, a fully onchain DAO aimed at decentralizing decision-making within our vibrant community. As part of this proposal, we’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Fragmented Ordinals concept, allowing individuals to own small portions of popular ordinal collections.

Here’s a breakdown of the proposed steps:

Step 1: ICPBunny holders will have the opportunity to vote on which Ordinals to acquire.
Step 2: The ICPBunny team will acquire the selected Ordinal.
Step 3: The Ordinal-ICP Canister will be deployed and ready for listing, with approval from Entrepot.
Step 4: The sale of Fragmented Ordinal collections will commence at 2x the value of Ordinals in ckBTC.
Step 5: The ICPBunny DAO will determine when to sell and distribute profits, as well as subsequent benefits for holding the Ordinals, such as airdrops and whitelist privileges.
Step 6 Process repeats again from Step 1

Note : If any airdrops received, ICPBunny DAO decides what to do with airdrops whether to distribute as fragmented or dispose and disburse as ckBTC to the holders.

Flow diagram

Note : Voting in ICPBunny DAO is limited to ICPBunny holders only. If you don’t have ICPBunny in your wallet acquire one from ICPBunny on entrepot

At the core of the ICPBunny DAO is the mission to democratize decision-making, ensuring that every voice in our community is heard and valued.

Please take a moment to explore the details of the ICPBunny DAO and the Ordinals collections:

ICPBunny DAO Proposal Link : ICPBunny DAO

Proposed Ordinals for fragmentation
Ordinal 1: RuneStone Collection


  1. A strong community of 80k holders.
  2. The promise of a $RUNE token airdrop to holders.
  3. Free and fair distribution of benefits.

We encourage all ICPBunny holders to cast their vote on this exciting proposal. Feel free to review the Ordinals collections beforehand, as they may already contain answers to your questions.

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