? For toniq team: attempting to integrate stoicIdentity but am getting error with idlFactory

Hey, @bob11 , I’m trying to implement the usage of the StoicIdentity client, but I’m running into a problem with the idlFactory variable that is passed into the Actor.createActor function. GitHub - Toniq-Labs/stoic-identity: Identity for DFINITY's IC HttpAgent (to connect to a Stoic wallet via Stoic Connect)

the error that the browser console is throwing is :
App.jsx:80 Uncaught TypeError: Assignment to constant variable.

In the example you all provide, I don’t see any definition for the idlFactory. I’ve attempted to import all idlFactory’s that are included in the declarations files and all of them throw errors. Where can i import the idlFactory variable or find the definition for it?

Hey! DM me on Twitter and I can help you. Probably a better place to discuss than here in the forum. @BobBodily on Twitter. Thanks!

Thanks @bob11 .

I don’t have a Twitter account already, but I’ve been meaning to make one for my app. I’m gonna make one and reach out to you. So don’t be alarmed if someone with 0 followers inboxes you.