Folders Missing - DFX 0.12.1 Installed on WSL Ubuntu

Hello Folks,

My laptop recently nuked itself and I’ve had to clean install windows 11 again. I had WSL Ubuntu setup before and didn’t have any issues. I’ve just setup WSL again and installed the latest DFX (0.12.1) - I set about trying to copy my PEM identity over however some folders seem to be missing?

Starting DFX gives this error - Using the default definition for the ‘local’ shared network because /home/nathandev/.config/dfx/networks.json does not exist.

Looking at this it seems the whole .config folder isn’t there - including “~/.config/dfx/identity/”

I’m a bit stumped by this… any ideas?



Got this fixed :slight_smile:

For anyone else having issues - I had forgotten to run WSL/ Ubuntu as ‘administrator’. This messes things up even if you are using root/ sudo permissions.

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This is not an error, just an informational message to let you know that you don’t have anything custom configured for your replica. Any ideas how we can make that more clear?

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To be honest I understood what it was telling me just fine. From the message I was able to confirm the all the folders were missing from it. I suppose maybe a hint on this page

Reminding people to check they are running WSL as admin. Silly mistake by myself.

Cheers, Nathan