First MVP release of Local Icp

Hello everyone!

We’re very happy to share the first MVP of our project for test users.

What is Local Icp?

Local Icp is an Onchain Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency trading platform built on ICP.

Here is the link to the application: Local Icp

For the moment, As the MVP is for testing purpose!!!

Our initial plan was to support ICP and CKBTC from the beginning, but we were worried about tokens being locked up due to some issues. So we opt out from supporting it at the moment.
We’ve deployed two tokens for testing purpose: Local ICP and Local CKBTC
Here is the link to our faucet for requesting test tokens faucet

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Interesting project but your faucet doesn’t seem to be working. I would also recommend combining connect and login into a single flow.

hello @vavram
can you share what error you’re receiving, I’ve tried checking it! It’s working fine for me!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Didn’t encounter any error, it’s just that the balance for both LocalICP and LocalCKBTC is still 0 after minting some tokens from the faucet.

Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience…
for that, we expect users to update the balance explicitly by clicking up the button.

In the next update: we’ll improve it by using the composite_query feature.

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