Exploring the Mystery Behind the Lack of Investment in XTC by ICP Projects

I recently stumbled upon a Twitter conversation between Sowmarler and Guru and it got me thinking. If ICP projects intend to be around for the long haul, why aren’t they purchasing XTC? If they have faith in the future of ICP, wouldn’t it make sense for them to buy XTC/cycles while they’re still available at a low price? Can you explain the hesitation behind this decision?

Which projects you are referring to? Just any that are building on the IC? I understand your perspective, but it may not always be feasible for a project to have extra funds to allocate towards upfront investments without considering other important areas such as hiring, marketing, and development. If its harder to get investments during this economic time, probably not a priority for more investment in the same area

We buy a lot of cycles via XTC at Dfinity, but we generally buy as we use them, rather than trying to hoard a bunch or use them as an investment


I understand what you are saying about priority. If I was building, decreasing my cost of computation and storage by 70% would be one of the priorities. If you are bullish on the ICP ecosystem, it could also be a good investment, as you can sell some of that back.

XTC is a stable price. There is no reason to buy it ahead of time. It tracks the XDR basket and you can always get the same amount for 1 XDR.

Note: I’m referring to cycles…XTC is just a wrapped cycle.