"error: (SysTransient, "Connecting to api.mailgun.net failed: Request failed: error trying to connect: tcp connect error: Network is unreachable (os error 101)")

Hello, everyone.

I am going to send email from canister on internet computer using Mailgun.
It works well on local, but doesn’t work on internet computer.

I read several topics here and find that HTTP outcalls only suggest services supporting IPv6 for now.

How can I send email from canister using service supporting IPv4.
If you know any other email service supporting IPv6, let me know.

Best Regard.
Thank you.

Correct, HTTPS outcalls only support IPv6. If you want to connect to IPv4 then you have to run your own proxy that translates to an IPv4 IP and forwards the requests

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Hi, @Severin.
thanks for your reply.

Could you tell me how to make proxy that translates to an IPv4 on internet computer?
Or, could you leave link here?

It’s not possible to do this on the IC since the proxy will need call out to IPv4 services. You have to host it off-chain

okay, I got it.

I have one question.
I am going to integrate ICRC-1 token on canister.
Users can sign up and transfer ICRC-1 token between users.
As far as I know, ICRC-1 tokens can be stored in princiapl, not account.
Need to create principal within a canister.
It should work like the Bitfinity wallet.

Could you please tell me how to create new principals within a canister in Rust?