Error during dfx start, replica timeout


i have been trying to run the rust quick guide but on dfx start (or --clean) i keep getting replica-actor error.


May 17 16:18:36.287 INFO ic-starter. Configuration: ValidatedConfig { replica_path: Some("/root/.cache/dfinity/versions/0.7.0-beta.2/replica"), replica_version: “0.1.0”, log_level: Warning, cargo_bin: “cargo”, cargo_opts: “”, state_dir: “/icp_project/.dfx/state/replicated_state”, http_listen_addr: V4(, http_port_file: Some("/icp_project/.dfx/replica-configuration/replica-1.port"), metrics_addr: None, provisional_whitelist: Some(All), artifact_pool_dir: “/icp_project/.dfx/state/replicated_state/node-100/ic_consensus_pool”, artifact_backup_dir: None, crypto_root: “/icp_project/.dfx/state/replicated_state/node-100/crypto”, state_manager_root: “/icp_project/.dfx/state/replicated_state/node-100/state”, registry_file: “/icp_project/.dfx/state/replicated_state/registry.proto”, bootstrap_registry: None, unit_delay: None, initial_notary_delay: None, detect_consensus_starvation: None, consensus_pool_backend: Some(“rocksdb”), state_dir_holder: None }, Application: starter

May 17 16:18:36.287 INFO Initialize replica configuration “/icp_project/.dfx/state/replicated_state/ic.json5”, Application: starter

May 17 16:18:38.331 INFO Executing “/root/.cache/dfinity/versions/0.7.0-beta.2/replica” “–replica-version” “0.1.0” “–config-file” “/icp_project/.dfx/state/replicated_state/ic.json5”, Application: starter
thread ‘replica-actor’ panicked at ‘called Result::unwrap() on an Err value: Cannot start the replica: Timeout’, src/dfx/src/actors/
note: run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display a backtrace

i am using Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS on different machine in my local network if it makes any difference.

Any ideas? (docker has the same fate)

Thank you in advance.

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Are you still seeing this issue?

I’ve run into this issue when I exit out of my local ICP while its processing a long running task

adding sudo to dfx start works for me after this happens as a temporary work around

Yes i am still encountering this issue.

Weird part is that it works on my WSL - ubuntu 20.04 with the exact same code/setup.
Both running dfx inside a docker, not sure what to assume. (hardware problem maybe?)

Same error on same tutorial.

(also Ubuntu 20.04)

This is probably a dumb question, but where is the src/dfx/src/actors/ file?