Embedding wasm - dfx 0.17.0 crashing where previous version works

Hey, so we’ve come across a weird, and hard to diagnose bug with the newest version of dfx. I have no idea what to do other than just use an older version.

What we do is embed wasm into a root canister (now that the wasm limit has been lifted)

        "root": {
            "type": "custom",
            "candid": ".dfx/local/canisters/root/root.did",
            "build": "bash -c './backend/scripts/build.sh root'",
            "wasm": ".dfx/local/canisters/root/root.wasm",
            "shrink": true,
            "gzip": true,
            "metadata": [
                "name": "candid:service"
            "dependencies": [

and then the code we call on root is

api::include_wasm!(ASSET_WASM, "asset");
api::include_wasm!(GAME_CONFIG_WASM, "game_config");
api::include_wasm!(GAME_STATE_WASM, "game_state");
api::include_wasm!(PLAYER_HUB_WASM, "player_hub");
api::include_wasm!(WORLD_WASM, "world");
api::include_wasm!(WORLD_BUILDER_WASM, "world_builder");

// create_canisters
async fn create_canisters() -> Result<(), Error> {

    // temporary measure until we have a better system
    const DB_CYCLES: u128 = 5_000_000_000_000;
    const PLAYER_HUB_CYCLES: u128 = 50_000_000_000_000;

    // install
    let installations = vec![
        (CanisterType::Asset, ASSET_WASM, DB_CYCLES),
        (CanisterType::GameConfig, GAME_CONFIG_WASM, DB_CYCLES),
        (CanisterType::GameState, GAME_STATE_WASM, DB_CYCLES),
        (CanisterType::PlayerHub, PLAYER_HUB_WASM, PLAYER_HUB_CYCLES),
        (CanisterType::World, WORLD_WASM, DB_CYCLES),
        (CanisterType::WorldBuilder, WORLD_BUILDER_WASM, DB_CYCLES),

    for (canister_type, wasm, cycles) in installations {
        if let Err(e) = ::api::root_canister_install!(canister_type, wasm, cycles).await {
            ::lib_ic::println!("Error installing canister {:?}: {:?}", canister_type, e);


On dfx 0.17.0, installing the canister gives us the following error :

Fabricated 9000000000000000 cycles, updated balance: 341_843_084_913_409_176 cycles
Reinstalling code for canister root, with canister ID a4tbr-q4aaa-aaaaa-qaafq-cai
Error: Failed to install wasm module to canister 'root'.
Caused by: Failed to install wasm module to canister 'root'.
  Failed during wasm installation call: Candid returned an error: input: 4449444c026d016d7b010005_2001ed7d50652029e5a37bc0287e8748e14f7ae152e36c9cdf23ee73362cc207ab205a20bb7bbc71a940a95504696d901f8cc70bfee74574f409992cc5c52225df532073bf9834c5ff674af647e93a442920247408f3b228e9ee95c0667d9b6af68a4a20dd0b15f25ee75ecb696e63e52b93002dc47ad5e0f68565cac355e62b5c89d37020ff042bd7a6f7f8bb523dc21b659271cb676f25fa51bdd9c83c9b9b8a1069d707
table: type table0 = vec table1
type table1 = vec nat8
wire_type: vec nat8, expect_type: unknown


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I would expect this when init types don’t match up somehow. Does your candid file specify any init types? And do you have an init or post_upgrade function defined? If so, can you show the signature?

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Here we go. Do the functions in the actor file need to be pub? It didn’t seem to matter if I removed the pub declaration.

I’m having issues reproducing the bug but yeah, init seems like a good place to start because I was changing that very recently.

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init does not need to be public, at least not in my test setup.

If init takes no argument I don’t think deserialization should ever fail. And I could not provoke a failure on purpose either. I suspect there’s something more going on. From the error message I can see that the installation carries a (vec blob). Why are you sending init args if the canister doesn’t even take init args? And also, is it possible that you’re accidentally using an old wasm? Can you try deleting .dfx and building cleanly again?

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We’ve failed to recreate this, so I’ll attribute it to a random corner case error where two separate computers each had cached files that ended up with this weird error. I had deleted .dfx and then dfx stop / dfx start – clean, plus cargo clean.

Our root canister doesn’t take any init args, but all other canisters take a Vec of various canister addresses and states. Our aim is to create a hierarchy of canisters where each canister can know about every other canister on the subnet.

Anyway not happening any more and I will update you if it comes back! Thanks.


Hey I think I’m getting this same error (or very similar), but on dfx 0.18.0.

I’m upgrading Kybra (Python CDK) to now use the large Wasm binary feature instead of our own custom chunk uploading. We have a test that will trap during init, then deploy again to make sure that init succeeds. Init and post_upgrade both take a boolean argument.

However if we trap, then we can’t deploy again. I get this error on subsequent deploys:

Candid returned an error: input: 4449444c036d016c01cedfa0a804026d7b010018_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
table: type table0 = vec table1
type table1 = record { 1_158_164_430 : table2 }
type table2 = vec nat8
wire_type: record { 1_158_164_430 : table2 }, expect_type: unknown

Here’s the candid:

service : (bool) -> {
  does_interpreter_exist : () -> (bool) query;
  get_message : () -> (text) query;

We deploy like this: dfx deploy init_and_post_upgrade_recovery --argument '(true)' and we get a trap as expected, but then we deploy like this: dfx deploy init_and_post_upgrade_recovery --argument '(false)' and we get the error as above.

The Python code looks like this:

from kybra import (

message = ""

def get_message() -> str:
    return message

def init_(should_trap: bool) -> void:

    global message
    message = "init_"

    if should_trap:
        ic.trap("init_ trapped")

def pre_upgrade_() -> void:

    global message
    message = "pre_upgrade_"

def post_upgrade_(should_trap: bool) -> void:

    global message
    message = "post_upgrade_"

    if should_trap:
        ic.trap("post_upgrade_ trapped")

There’s a lot of generated Rust code under-the-hood, but I haven’t found any obvious reason for this to behave like this so far.

I suspect there is something wrong with the new chunk uploading Wasm feature on failure…seems very suspect, I wonder if this Candid has something to do with the chunk install Candid signature.

I wonder if table1 here:

table: type table0 = vec table1
type table1 = record { 1_158_164_430 : table2 }
type table2 = vec nat8
wire_type: record { 1_158_164_430 : table2 }, expect_type: unknown

is referring to:

type install_chunked_code_args = record {
    mode : variant {
        upgrade : opt record {
            skip_pre_upgrade : opt bool;
    target_canister : canister_id;
    storage_canister : opt canister_id;
    chunk_hashes_list : vec chunk_hash;
    wasm_module_hash : blob;
    arg : blob;
    sender_canister_version : opt nat64;

but just:

type install_chunked_code_args = record {
    wasm_module_hash : blob;

We had it again today. Just pushed a few changes to see if it’s on our end.

@Gabriel did this turn out to be that canister is a reserved word? That did seem odd because I thought it would have been caught by the CandidType macro.

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I’ve also just started getting this error:

dfx 0.18.0

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Hey @Severin

Correct me if I’m wrong but under the hood you split the wasm into 1mb chunks and upload them using upload_chunk, then install_chunked_code.

My question is this I noticed if I call stored_chunks I get all the hashes. So I called clear_chunk_store and now I get an empty vec as expected.

All of of the sudden upgrade works again.

My question is shouldn’t clear_chunk_store be called once install_chunked_code is done? or I don’t really understand how this should work.

Can you check whether this issue still occurs on dfx 0.19.0? install_chunked_code has gone through some rocky API evolution and the error is likely related to this.

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I will gladly check this and back to you here

Unfortunately the problem still remains. And I also get another error in the replica logs now:

Apr 02 16:47:17.868 ERRO s:cnr4t-7tmce-fpp6v-v54bw-vd77t-yvacv-6qg4b-jkgg4-y4qfl-3rfdh-nqe/n:dbxic-cazk4-kcd4l-d5lgn-shj7q-typre-ymhrj-p6wu2-xbu7b-zlsiu-mqe/ic_query_stats/state_machine Received duplicate query stats for canister bnz7o-iuaaa-aaaaa-qaaaa-cai from same proposer dbxic-cazk4-kcd4l-d5lgn-shj7q-typre-ymhrj-p6wu2-xbu7b-zlsiu-mqe.This is a bug, possibly in the payload builder.

I’m not sure when that was printed exactly, but it’s there.

Just updated to dfx 0.19.0 and get the error

Was this via dfx nns install(or an SNS extension). It looks like one of the calls to install a wasm can’t interpret the input params candid.

So I’ve just been trying to create a setup that is post SNS for me to carry on updating things.

This is the file I run to trigger everything (same as the sns-testing repo file)

But you mentioned in the group earlier it could be input parameters, I did take the greet out of the input parameters on deploy of my frontend and backend in deploy_backend_canister.sh etc

Don you know which line in the script is failing?

See I saw I had an assert on the input variables that I removed from the canister input variables so I removed it and tried again.

Now I get this after trying to build

But say I then just try and run the script it tells me the canister isn’t empty:

but if I restart dfx with --clean then it tells me the wasm doesn’t exist:

So I’m kind of going around in circles.

Maybe dfx 0.19 gzips by default? It says there is no wasm where it expects one. Are you building?

I’ve tried building and not building first after clearing dfx.

If I build first it says the canister is not empty but then if I don’t it says canister can’t be found.

But since we spoke last night, Dev’s from OC has shown me how they setup their post sns system, so I’m trying to follow that: