Dragginz - a virtual world on DFinity

A singular party decided to buy the available tokens that were within the dao token holders rights to sell, for a premium, in order to carry out a game referencing back to nostalgia of a demographic with the largest amount of disposable income.

Everyone in this entire scenario: dao members, interested third party, and the nostalgic gaming crowd; all are happy with what occurred.

You’re just mad that a governing body made a decision unanimously in a direction you werent expecting, and now you have to be bothered to update a slide deck to reference that fact. Big whoop.


I finally took the time to visit the Dragginz website and I just wanted to say that I found the gallery to be really exciting. Internet Computer Loading

Can’t wait to see more. Please keep the forums updated when you can.


Thanks for that. We started the first of our blogs for non icp peeps on the website today. Aim is roughly one a week but this may be a deep dive into a system.or an explanation how one part of IC helps make Dragginz a reality.

Didn’t post update here as we are a small team and mainly focusing on building.

Will try to do so in future though!


I read today’s blog post and it was very inspiring. I hope y’all achieve your goal!

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Yay! I am completely new to blogging. Kind of bossed web 1, skipped web 2, crashland in web3.

I dont expect these to enact a great change now, but one day (fingers crossed) dragginz will bring masses to IC and they will realise it isnt a big scary thing after all.