Does State Manager throw away old state? Are states stored on SSD?

Why are Internet Computer’s storage costs so low?” continued…

  1. State Manager saves past states. Does it save only recent states rather than all past states?
    IC state manager - Internet Computer Wiki

  2. How it works - Internet Computer Execution Layer” has “The replicated state that can be held by a single subnet is not bounded by the available RAM in the node machines, but rather by the available SSD storage.” written on it. Is the State Manager running on the Exexution Layer and does the State Manager store the state on the SSD? Currently, there is a limit of 4GB, probably due to the limitation of 32bit WASM, and there is a way to adopt 64bit WASM, but besides the option of increasing memory, can SSD be used to handle large capacities?

  1. correct, only the last few checkpoints are stored
  2. I can’t answer that precisely, but it matches my understanding. 64bit WASM is discussed in this thread

Thank you for your response! I will try to discuss in this thread.

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