Docs for "Upgrades, stable variables and upgrade methods" link is broken

Something I’ve been curious about is how to handle things when you release an upgrade to a canister that changes the data structures, but needs to move the existing data into the new structure. I’m reading through the Motoko docs, but the link to that section is broken :frowning:

When on a page in the docs, e.g. Principals and caller identification, if you click the link for “Upgrades, stable variables and upgrade methods”, it just appends “#upgrades.adoc” to whatever your current URL is, and fails to load the page.

It should link to, not #upgrades.adoc.

I know that docs are a work in progress (e.g. this page is definitely unfinished), but I figure I’d bring this to the attention of someone at DFINITY since it’s a quick fix; sorry if this is the wrong forum to do that. I’d make a pull request, but I can’t find the Motoko Language Guide section of the docs in the docs repo.

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Hi Mike

Thanks for this, in here is fine of course, or to the support email [email protected] . These docs are in the Motoko repo so once that’s public you’ll be able to edit them directly too if you prefer.

^ @lsgunn

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