Difference in SNS config files (yml/yaml)


Hey guys

I initially tested with sns-testing using the sns_ini.yaml configuration, which worked well. However, when attempting to use the sns tool to submit a proposal and update my local sns repository using bazel build //rs/sns/cli:sns it failed, even with my bazelisk wrapper (I’m on Ubuntu).

As an alternative, I explored the dfx extension for sns cli. But using this tool revealed issues when running dfx sns config validate due to differences in the sns configuration file required. The dfx sns config new command generated a sns.yml file, distinct from the sns_ini.yaml in the sns-testing repo provided in the official documentation for submitting sns to nns. The new file is not only different but lacked essential information, such as minimal participants.

In summary, dfx sns config new produces a different sns.yml file compared to sns_ini.yaml from sns-testing in the official documentation.

Which method should we actually use? Could you please guide me on the recommended method or direct me to a repository that has successfully implemented this process? I’ve found repositories from Open Chat and Nuance, but they use different config files, so I am not sure which one is the most recent one and which one we should use.



Hi @Francis,

The SNS CLI tool is currently in transition to a better format from an old format (which is still the one generated by the tool’s new subcommand). Since you’re using sns-testing, we just merged a PR that brings the SNS configuration file template there up to speed: https://github.com/dfinity/sns-testing/blob/main/example_sns_init.yaml

Please refer to this one, and let me know if you have any further questions regarding the format.

using bazel build //rs/sns/cli:sns it failed

Could you post the errors you were getting while trying to build SNS CLI via the bazel command, please?


Thanks @aterga - we will try this out and let you know what issues we run into (if any)