Dfx v0.14.3 generates random canister IDs

Does anyone know why dfx is no longer generating the same IDs as it used to?

Previously, when I was using version v0.13.1, I could install the canisters in the same order and consistently get the same IDs. However, after trying v0.14.3, I noticed that I now get random new canister IDs even when performing the exact same fresh installation.

For example, I used to install the CMC canister as the third canister of my installation process and always got the ID rkp4c-7iaaa-aaaaa-aaaca-cai because it is mandatory to use that ID. But with v0.14.3, I now get the random ID bw4dl-smaaa-aaaaa-qaacq-cai or br5f7-7uaaa-aaaaa-qaaca-cai etc. every time another ID. Does anyone have an explanation for this change in behavior?

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Yes, the IDs generated have changed, but they are not random. Reason being that now we allow specifying canister IDs and we changed the starting point for automatically-chosen IDs so that you never accidentally create a canister with an ID you would later want to specify.