Dfx start command returning this error

I’m getting the following error when trying to run the dfx start command in terminal. does anyone know how to resolve it?

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You may need to update the version in your project’s dfx.json to 0.8.3. You can also try running dfx cache install to unpack the newer version.

Also, dfx cache list will show a list of your local versions along with an asterisk by the currently used one.

If this still fails you could try reinstalling:
DFX_VERSION=0.8.3 sh -ci "$(curl -sSL https://sdk.dfinity.org/install.sh)"

every dfx command I try is giving me the same error. I tried running the command: DFX_VERSION=0.8.3 sh -ci "$(curl -sSL https://sdk.dfinity.org/install.sh)".

Still getting the same errors

I think your ‘dfx’ key in dfx.json is ‘0.8.0’ and it needs to be 0.8.1 and 0.8.3. Just update the key to the respective versions.

sorry but for me i cant find a dfx key file or script in my dfx.json folder