Dfx recommendation: catch error thrown by `agent.fetchRootKey()`

I like being able to run my frontend in complete isolation of the IC. Sometimes I just don’t need the backend around to work on something, and a “standalone” dev server is easier in those circumstances. dfx 0.7.7 automated agent.fetchRootKey() for development, which is great, but that throws an error when I’m running it standalone. A simple fix is `agent.fetchRootKey().catch(console.error).

Ah yeah. Adding a catch statement is a solid suggestion

My one consideration is whether always suppressing the error would get in the way of use cases where someone might want the error to bubble up and be handled with some other strategy

Circling back to this - After gathering feedback, we have decided to skip promoting 0.7.7, and to treat these changes as a breaking change that will go out as 0.8.0, which will incorporate this error handling, as well as exporting the idlFactory from index.js Look forward to an update soon!