DFX Install error

Hey folks,

I am trying to install DFX but getting the following error in Terminal on Mac.

mkdir: /usr/local/bin: File exists
mkdir: /usr/local/bin: File exists
mkdir: /usr/local/bin: File exists
Will install in: /usr/local/bin
mkdir: /usr/local/bin: File exists
dfinity-sdk: Failed to install the DFINITY Development Kit: please check your permissions and try again.

I am logged in as the only Admin user.

Any help appreciated.

Sounds like some folder permissions are whacky on /usr/local/bin. Have a look at this SO post, maybe this helps.

No joy unfortunately. I wonder would a device reset work?


Assuming you tried sudo, you may want to check if there are any other processes that are using the /usr/local/bin directory. You can use the lsof command to list all the open files and processes that are using the directory.

Reset my Mac and seemed to work until I try begin coding.

After dfx start I get the following error :

Using the default definition for the 'local' shared network because /Users/*******/.config/dfx/networks.json does not exist.
Dashboard: http://localhost:50245/_/dashboard

dfx version 0.12.1

I do not see an error in the output you show. Both lines are informational output that is ok to ignore.

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