Dfx 0.9.2 is promoted with breaking changes

Release notes: Highlights of what’s new in 0.9.2 :: Internet Computer

Please make sure to follow the upgrade instructions in the 0.9.0 release notes. In particular, you will need to upgrade your wallets and update the settings of your existing canisters.


  • Removed the --no-wallet flag
  • Upgraded to replica 04fe8b0a1262f07c0cec1fdfa838a37607370a61 matching proposal 45091. Future replica updates will also track recently executed proposals.
  • Verify Candid and Motoko stable variable type safety of canister upgrades
  • Fixed retry logic in asset uploads

Haven’t read the release note before but i’m directly shout outed in the docs now for the type safety upgrade :rofl:
see my wild example : Untitled :: Internet Computer

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If this has call_raw in motoko, could you update the docs. Thanks!