Dfx 0.7.1 released with breaking changes

Hey guys, dfx 0.7.1 is now promoted to the latest release. There is a breaking change you should be aware of detailed here:

To summarize, in previous releases, dfx canister call would proxy all calls via the cycle wallet by default. This is no longer the case.
If a user expects the dfx canister call to proxy via the wallet, the user will have to do dfx canister --wallet=<id> call now; this primarily impacts canisters that maintain an internal ACL based on the canister initializer. For example, update/query methods for a Foo service may limit call access to calls made by Foo’s initializer (the wallet.) Previously, they could call Foo’s methods via dfx canister call acl_method without issue but now they will have to do dfx canister --wallet=<id> call acl_method

Some of the documentation is being updated to reflect this change.
The other commands dfx canister create, dfx deploy, etc still proxy via the wallet canister by default. If you have any pain points with this workflow, jot them down here and we can work together to improve the workflow. Thanks!