Dfinity: Neutrality or Preferential Treatment?

What is Dfinity’s stance on developers building on ICP? It appears there might be preferential treatment towards certain teams, giving them an unfair advantage. I could be wrong and misinterpreting the situation, but generally, I would expect Dfinity to strive for maximum neutrality.

It’s understandable that complete neutrality might not always be possible. For example, if some ex-Dfinity members start their own projects, their existing connections and friendships might bring certain benefits. However, I hope this does not come at the expense of other teams.


Can we start discussing the best approach to ensure fair competition without any preferential treatment.

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I see DFINITY as a large entity, supported by 7% inflation. In Argentina, a big state and high inflation lead to corruption and misery. The solution is to reduce personnel, move the grants and other staff on-chain, and decrease inflation.

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