DFINITY Bounty #3 - Sample App: ICRC-1 Compliant Payment Flow


  • Status: Assigned to @codingsh
  • Project Type: Multiple - Multiple applicants can get selected to work on the tasks and get paid.
  • Time Commitment: Weeks
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Size: USD 1’000 in ICP (at time of distribution)


One of the advantages to deploy a service on a blockchain platform is to be able to receive payments without the usage of a 3rd party service provider which can be a huge cost factor. In this bounty, you’ll implement a sample application that showcases the implementation of the ICRC-1 payment flow to buy some digital good.

The base ICRC-1 standard supports the client-orchestrated transfer/notify flow, i.e. the client (payer) transfers the token to the service-designated subaccount and notifies the service (payee) about the transfer.

High-level flow diagram

Payment flow diagram


  • The client would utilize agent-js to perform (transfer and notify) calls.
  • The invoice and its relation to a subaccount will probably need to be standardized at some point, allowing for different compatible payer and payee implementations. We hope that this implementation will inform a potential standardization.

Acceptance Criteria

Further Information

The eventual goal is to make it as easy as possible for developers to integrate a payment flow into their applications. Hence, we see the development of sample applications as a first step to implementing ready-to-use client and canister libraries which could be funded by a follow-up bounty or grant.

The ICRC-1 token standard is in its early days and many details and extensions have not been fully fleshed out. It would be great if you’d provide your implementer’s feedback to the Ledger & Tokenization Working Group.

How to apply?

Add a comment to the issue or respond to the forum thread. Please provide some background on your experience and give an outline of your project plan.



It’s not clear if this bounty is for motoko or rust, but if rust works, feel free to take a look at this: GitHub - GLicDEV/invoices_as_nft

It was my 1 day attempt at an invoice canister. The functionality is minimal, but all the parts are there to follow the proposed flow, for transferring ICP. It should be easy to switch to ICRC-1. As the code is released under MIT, feel free to use whatever you need if someone wants to go this route.

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Both Motoko and Rust are acceptable on the canister side. Ideally, we’d have both implementations as is common for the DFINITY maintained sample dapps.

I just realized that I replied to the web-app post. Is there a forum post for the invoice canister bounty? I searched but didn’t find anything.

No, but seems like a good idea :sweat_smile:

I’ll do that later this week.

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