Deployment to Mainnet

I have a small application would like to deploy in Dfinity.

Can i deploy in mainnet now ?

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Would love to know the same

Application subnets are being rolled out through NNS proposals, but access is still limited for now. You should see another announcement coming to the forum soon. In the meantime, you can continue developing and deploying locally, trying out the tutorials, and providing feedback on the tools and documentation.


@gladguy You could use Dfinity partner for deployment to mainnet. Very user friendly, great support, works like charm!

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@lsgunn I’m really looking forward to deploying to mainnet. Developing locally with the provided tools has been very effective for me. I am closing in on an MVP of an application I have been working on. Is there a target date for the proposals to remove whitelist requirements? Should we expect days/weeks/months from now? I’m getting antsy. :slight_smile:

Operational stability is the key to opening up more subnets. If things continue to go well with the new nodes being added, it’s likely that you’ll see an announcement sometime in June.

You can get more insight into the state of the network here:

I know it’s hard to be patient, but hang in there :laughing:.

Lisa Gunn
Technical Writer

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Deployed with ease in

Please give a look ! Support our NFT are live now. We will migrate as soon as Dfinity mainnet is live. 0.5 BNB per NFt

  1. Rentable
  2. Tradeable
  3. Rolyaty
  4. Art Associated
  5. Daily Rewards

Now in BNB, we will migrate to Dfinity / Motoko soon. Support

I do not get it yet - ist the Dfinity mainnet not live yet?

The network is live and new application subnets have been added. The delay is to ensure that all of the subnets are stable and reliable before introducing the increased load that lots of public deployments will naturally put on the system. I don’t know the specifics of what’s involved, but, in general, the intent is to have a responsible rollout for the long-term benefit of the community.

Hope that helps,

Lisa Gunn
Technical Writer