Deploy Frontend (client side) in canister with wasm

Hello everyone,
I have made the canister. The wasm file of the frontend has been uploaded in it, now I want to see it, where can I see it? any link?
In which url my website is running?
In which url my html will be rendered and seen?
how to deploy client side (frontend) with wasm.
I want to connect frontend and backend via wasm then how to connect?
would be cool if we could just deploy a web app both front end and backend canister with wasm at once.

Hey there, I recommend you have a look at our quickstart tutorial, which covers the basics of deployment.

If this is not detailed enough for you, I recommend you continue reading here.

Thank you, I want to run frontend with WebAssembly module (wasm), dfx new {projectname} working fine
but i want to make canister via create_canister and install wams file via install_code then how to run frontend? backend mo file run successfully need to run frontend.

The typical way (and also in the links I posted earlier) is to use something like @dfinity/agent to do the calls to the backend canister and then host the frontend in the asset canister like the beginner tutorials show.