Debug post_upgrade

Assuming there is one, what’s the tool again that helps deserialize the output of a failing post_upgrade message?

I’m trying to debug my branch locally and got a long post_upgrade error msg. Pretty sure that if I would be able to transform all these these numbers in their textual representation, even if not structured, I would find what’s my problem.

Nevermind, I found out the issue by looking at my code for the 100th times :wink:.

That said, for future reference, if anyone knows the answer, might be interesting.

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These numbers are candid encoded message, it is possible to decode it, however without specs you will get numbers instead of property names

I should be possible to decode without the did files using didc.

Assuming I would have saved the Candid string from the post_upgrade hook in a file e.g. hello.txt, I could have decoded it with following script:

didc decode "$value"
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