Dead man's switch

Is there any verified and secure service on ICP that implements the subject?

  • if a certain Internet Identity isn’t active for N days send an email
  • if it continues to be inactive - transfer control of said internet identity to a pubkey
  • should be implemented in a tamperproof way(new canister with blackhole owner?)
  • should have reputable security audit
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Have you looked into drand? Maybe IC’s HTTPS outcalls to call their API?

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Take a look at this bounty

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How exactly is distributed prng related to dead man’s switch?

Drand provides time-lock encryption, for which a dead man’s switch is one of its use cases.

Hi, there is dApp Man’s Switch built on the IC, which came out of a hackathon 2 years ago. It is in Alpha though, so use it at your own risk and do not publish sensitive secrets.