"./dbank.did.js" not found when I use npm start

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the error I am getting is:
“ERROR in ./src/declarations/dbank/index.js 4:0-44”
when I open index.js in the path mentioned above
I see this:
“import { idlFactory } from ‘./dbank.did.js’;
export { idlFactory } from ‘./dbank.did.js’;”
but There is only "service.did.js " in “./” folder.
I tried to change the ‘./dbank.did.js’ to "service.did.js " the issue did vanish
but every time I use “npm start” the “service.did.js " gets replaced by " ‘./dbank.did.js’;”
how do I solve this?

Can you please share your dfx.json?

  1. Is there a canister named dbank?
  2. How are you creating your declaration files? When you run command dfx generate, does it create src → declarations folder?