Cycle consumption recording problem

When I recorded the consumption of cycles, I found a very strange problem.
Motoko is a reactor model, should there be no concurrency problems? Or maybe it appears?

This is my demo code,
Execute after I deploy the code
If I click call once and wait for the result to execute, the result is what I want

But when I clicked it multiple times quickly, the result was the same as the picture.
There are fewer cycles before the execution of the loop than after the execution of the loop

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@nomeata @stephenandrews help me?

When I use async await to get the data and hashmap to store the sh. A more amazing problem occurs, I can’t even get my cycles。

Yeah await drops atomicity, so you need to handle that in your code
This is my demo without async await

@avi yeah looks good I think if you move the demo’s await before Array.append

I modified it, but it still appeared.

In my case, I quickly clicked call 10 times within 3 seconds.

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This is expected. You lose atomicity after await. So you cannot assume the global state is the same when the async calls reply back. See Joachim’s blog post about inter-canister calls.

Is motoko not single threaded?

Atomicity is only guaranteed between awaits – otherwise an await could block your canister indefinitely. See this section of the manual (especially the warning box).