Cross-platform site built with Flutter on ICP?

So is it possible to build a cross-platform site with a low or no-code builder like Flutter, so that the site can be easily accessed with Android or iphone, tablet, mobile, PC, iOS…and have that site fully on chain on ICP?

Any site that works with static file hosting works on ICP. It may require some scripting to get the built files in the right place, but it’s not hard

Would a Facebook clone site work with static file hosting?

User-generated content usually is not handled with static files. For that I would say that you need to write some code yourself, for which you need to at least grasp the basics of ICP and its technologies

So am I able to list potential job here for ICP devs?

I don’t see a problem with it :slightly_smiling_face:

Fun fact: The first version of was written in flutter. We migrated away from it but I know that flutter has matured so maybe it’s a great choice by now.

Which low code builder were you thinking of using? FlutterFlow?

Yes, I was hoping to use Flutterflow, but I need to know the code and how to add it for this workflow to be successful. Any suggestions?

Our experience of using flutter was such along time ago that I can’t really say. You will presumably still need ic-agent to be able to make API calls and manage login session delegations. We used the javascript library for that, and Flutter’s ability to call out to js.

To my knowledge, there is indeed no native Flutter library for this purpose (please correct me if this is no longer accurate), and you would need to access the IC through a JavaScript bridge.

Something like: Flutter activity <> JS <> IC.

Ok, so is there any pre-made javascript available somewhere to bridge from the Flutterflow site to IC?

For the bridge itself I’m not aware of any ready made solution but aware if anybody in the community has build one, please say so.

Regarding the JavaScript interaction with the IC the communication layer is agent-js ( and there are a bunch of libraries that ease the interaction with the IC and various well-known canisters types (

Thanks for the info!
And yeah…if any dev has already been down this road…I as a no-coder would be happy to talk and discuss payment for such code


There is a native Dart and Flutter library agent ic_tools | Dart package (does not use agent-js) that works for Dart/Flutter on the Web and on desktop Linux. I am using it for 2+ years now, it is awesome.

A quick search shows you can integrate packages into FlutterFlow using Custom Actions or Custom Widgets Custom Code - Deep Dive | FlutterFlow Docs.

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Did not knew, that’s awesome! Thanks for the share

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