Cross chain question

Hi all, I have a question here:

  1. I have deployed a solidity contract on mumbai testnet
  2. Then I sent a message from the current canister address(get the eth address) to the mumbai testnet.
    the error comes out:

    So, how can I fix it?

The http calls require that a majority of the IC nodes for your subnet can make the call and it will have the same result (the calls must be idempotent)

Youll have to include something in the request that indicates the different node calls are all the ‘same’ request and have identical responses.

Do you have some related examples of how to include something that indicates the different node calls are all the ‘same’ requests?

Hey, Here is HTTP Req docs : Internet Computer Loading
transform function passed in Http req is used to alter the response of different replicas and pass consensus.
Here is an example as well : examples/motoko/exchange_rate at master · dfinity/examples · GitHub


Could you share what is the exact request you are making?