Community fund on nns

This really is not ok, a irreversible decision depending on a push of a button. I think this should be changed, and the people should have the right to withdraw from it.


A lots of people think the same way. In my opinion the button should ONLY have been their avaliable when everything was a 100% ready to go in public on the nns with full explanation and etcetera… But that’s how it is, it will be a bummer for a lots of people who blindly pushed that button like i said before.


Doesn’t the community have a say in this? Some voting on nns or something like that.

I’ve been reading the forum every day, and I knew that the button popped up there, so I have been cautious about it. But yesterday I was trying to merge my maturity, and while being sleepy, accidently touched the “Community fund” button, when i came to my senses I saw the question if I want to continue, and touched it immediately (thinking it was asking for maturity merging), the moment I read the “irreversible” word, it was too late to cancel.

So I ended up there accidentally. But the concern is that there could be other people who could do something like this. This is a very poor user experience.


Their was a voting on this, BUT lots of neurons just follow automatic whatever the majority says. So many even didn’t realized it. It’s like banking, the one with the most money always wins in this case icp tokens. Those who knew this would come, they already over voted everyone. The end

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good point made here.


It’s been about 2 months since Dominic tweeted about community fund neurons.

This thread has been active for 16 days waiting for an answer on the button.

Is someone from dfinity even working on describing the exact functionality and detailing of the vision? If so, what are the approximate time-frames when we can expect an answer?


It’s a trick to get people involved in it. The more time passes the more likely people are pushing that button, just not knowing what they are committing to. Their is a little bit more info about it in some article from the dfinity community, but its so vague even then you don’t know what you wil get or lose. It’s allread very sure you wil share the loses of it, and possible profits. But what and how exactly, we will know when they reached their numbers of people they want to join. Im a great private investor myself, but the lack of proffesional handeling just made me stop investing more. It’s letterly allways someting with the dfinity group. Im sure not the only investor that thinks the same way. Hope for those ones who pushed the button for the community fund, they wil not end up like the first seed investors that waited so long for their returns. For all the rest we need to wait for exact details about the community fund until those numbers are reach that they like to see. My advice is do not join, i tell that to every investor like me above 20k that i know. Grtz


Why does it have to be irreversible? Why was it deployed before explanation?

This all seems poorly executed


@lara has responded back here

& i have asked for clarification there.

Any news on this? Documentation?


Not really. You wil find some vague info, but there it ends for everyone.

At this point, I have to conclude that no one at Dfinity seems to know what the exact functionality is supposed to be ; with the possible exception of Dominic and Lomesh.

Dominic because he was the original tweeter & Lomesh because I read some reference to the community fund in one post.

For reference: the tweet from Dominic was on September 24, 2021. It’s amazing that nearly 4 months have passed since the time I got excited about this.

It might be useful for Dominic or Lomesh to detail the vision. It is also important to note that @lara stated in some other post that the change would be reversible even if the ui says that the change is irreversible.


There is some misunderstanding. @lara said that before they finish setting up this function for community use, they will give the opportunity to reverse the decision for those who accidentally activated “Community fund” flag for their neurons. After that, the decision will be irreversible.


Appreciate your question and your patience on this topic.

The key goal for the community fund is to enable neuron holders to help bootstrap the IC ecosystem. There is currently ~ $9 bn of value staked in neurons and we are exploring the opportunities to bring a subset of this liquidity to the IC ecosystem projects. We are deliberating multiple pathways where this could be possible. For instance, the community neurons could potentially be locked inside the liquidity pool and help contribute liquidity to a DEX or say participate in SNS decentralized auctions.

Over the next few weeks, as we get ready to submit a proposal on this topic, we will start collaborating more closely with the community and map out the most viable approaches for the community fund. Thank you again for your patience.


@ld-dfn1 thanks…but what was this? I

Screenshot displays 145,462 ICP.

" ALSO: the DAO controlling the network now has a Community Fund that will swap ICP for the governance tokens of promising …dapps"

Sounds kind of cool? I think? Which are these promising dapps?

Can you link the proposal?


When the reverse option for the community fund will be available to the people? It was said on this forum that there would be a reverse option, but no action so far i know.


There is no date for this implementation. I’m also waiting for this. I’ve stopped merging maturity and topping up my neurons because of this. Hope it will be added soon.


Thanks, the same thing happened to me. by accident I attached my neuron, when the decision can be reversed approximately. I appreciate your work and contribution to the paradigm shift.

We are currently working on how the community fund works and estimate that it will become active earliest in Q3 of 2022.
As already promised, if you have accidentally activated the flag, there will be a time period where you can revert this choice. Note however that currently having set the flag does not have any effect on your neuron: you can vote and get rewards as with any other neuron.

So to address your specific question: I am not sure yet when exactly the decision can be reverted, but this will be defined in time. As the actual change is still a bit away there is still enough time to allow users to make this change.

I am also happy to share that @bjoernek will lead this feature going forward!
So he will probably be the person sharing future updates and the best person to answer further questions!


Thank you very much

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