Community fund | Design proposal

On your first point: Yes, we should definitely consider using also the staked amount in a second iteration (for example doing a neuron swap as mentioned in “Alternatives considered”). The motivation for this proposal is to start with something simple (which integrates well into the swap canister design) and then extend it along the way.

On your second point: For investments in SNSs we would allow & embrace both, i.e., investments by individual investors (i.e. free market) directly taking part in an initial token swap and investors using the CF, benefiting from the higher degree of automation and tapping the knowledge of the community.


Hi @kmanxhuka, thank for your input and I will check with the UX team as well.
From my perspective the process for joining the CF should have similar safety checks as staking for a long time (you could argue that staking for 8 years has an even a bigger impact on your access to the neuron).

Thank you!

Also from the SNS initial token swap and launch | Design proposal is visible that what I want will be possible to achieve using liquid ICP.
Just not sure if participation in CF (where funds are locked and only maturity is used for the investment) makes sense for me, but we’ll see when more details are known.

Also, it’s actually good that into cycles/SNS tokens will be burned liquid ICP - as it will have much better visibility (rather than burning already locked ICP)!

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By joining the CF with a neuron, you automatically get participated in any project that the CF community votes for?

Correct, subject to the CF community approving the investment and subject to the successful conclusion of the according initial token swap.

This will be great. A large collective investment brain, benefiting those who believe in the IC but who are not technically savvy to judge good projects; while still allowing the technically savvy with ICP to independently choose whether or not to participate. Pure genius.

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Even after introduction of the neuron swap, this option to invest maturity should still be retained, for those who want slow automated diversified investments.


Any thought given to the taxation & compliance to AML provisions in various countries of such operations? Effectively one would be using the income (maturity) of the investment off of the staking in NNS to invest in many other businesses to get yields.

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