Community Effort: Create Proposal - Exclude Auto-Vote Option on SNS Treasury related Proposals

Lately, IC_X removed 99.99% of its treasury funds, wich raised a few eyebrows in the community.

:arrow_down: Community-driven Effort :arrow_down:

Share ideas below, on how to prevent the SNS Treasury funds from getting removed.

Idea 1:
Exclude auto-vote option for Treasury related proposals.
By doing this, every Treasury proposal that goes through SNS will require manual approval from the entire community.

Idea 2:
Implement some kind of staking intervall for the Treasury, so that for e.g. every month a certain ammount will be released.
Wich will be discussed with, and accepted by the community before every SNS launch.

Idea 3:
= Idea 1 & Idea 2 together.


I guess you may now get some traffic on this post since @lara linked it in her recent SNS post. If you are willing to accept constructive feedback, I recommend you remove the image of the treasure box with the word “theft”. I suspect this is why you have no responses so far. It’s not that your ideas are bad or that people don’t want to contribute to the ideation that you are trying to stimulate. It’s that people don’t want to walk into a trap or engage in politics. The user experience on this post flows approximately like this…Community Effort (positive): Create Proposal (sounds like politics)…THEFT (hell no I’m out)…

I’d like to see you get more traction, which could be as simple as removing the image. I almost posted this recommendation the day you created the post, but thought I’d wait to see if it gained traction anyway. I totally forgot about it until Lara linked it 10 days later.

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Here is an idea that I think should be part of the discussion and seems relevant…

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Here is one more link to an idea that seems relevant…

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