- Register Known Neuron

This forum post is an announcement of an NNS proposal requesting that the NNS governing body approve a Register Known Neuron proposal for the neuron, which is neuron ID 2649066124191664356.

The CodeGov Project is actively engaged in reviewing Replica Version Management proposals. At a minimum, we perform IC-OS Verification as well as a sanity check on the Release Notes for every proposal that is submitted to the NNS as a Replica Version Management proposal topic. We hope to set a positive and credible example for how other people and organizations in the IC ecosystem can get involved in the decentralization of the internet computer at the protocol level.

We started reviewing Replica Version Management proposals 4 months ago and we post all our reviews in the CodeGov portal on DSCVR. These proposals usually occur on Friday and we strive to complete our reviews, cast our vote, and report our results on the forum approximately 2 days after the proposal is submitted to the NNS. We currently have 6 active reviewers and are looking for additional help. You can learn about the project at If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, then please Apply on the website.

The reviewers that participate in this project and the configuration of the CodeGov neuron can be found on the Neuron page of our website. Our reviewers and neuron Followees currently include @Gekctek @Icdev2dev @NathanosDev @jwiegley @Zane and @wpb.


This proposal is live on the NNS. Please go vote.

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Love the idea. It might be worthwhile to ponder about transitioning the hosting of to the Internet Computer (IC) too.