CLARIFICATION: Routing behaviour based on geographic proximity between network participants

This is actually really interesting and the first time I heard about this. Thanks for clarifying @rbirkner

What could be possible ways around that in the future?

If it could stay under 100ms that would already solve for 80% of the use-cases. And if it stayed in the 10ms-50ms range it would even solve for modern gaming/streaming requirements.

I tried starting a discussion about this issue a while ago, but it didn’t really pick up:

Maybe because I had “proposal” in the title, which looking back is a bit misleading. I wanted to see the community discuss possible approaches and solutions to these issues.

I think this is important for many reasons:

  • SEO: search engines rate webpages based on loading speeds, and ping plays an important role in that. So as long as there isn’t a solution for this, I’m forced to keep the frontpages of apps, blogs, etc hosted on web2.
  • Streaming/voice: any form of streaming or voice-chat app needs decent ping, so randomly going between 30ms and 400ms doesn’t really work.
  • Gaming: same thing. Any ping over 100ms makes pretty much any modern game unplayable. So if Dfinity is serious about going into that market, serving based on geolocation seems like a must have.

Either way, interested in where this discussion goes. What is your use case @saikatdas0790? is this causing issues for hot or not? Do you plan to add streaming?