ckBTC Ledger http methods!

Can we query ckBTC ledger canister using http_request as well?
I am asking this because I can clearly see ledger canister has http_request method in it here : Canister: ckBTC Ledger - ICP Dashboard

But I cant find any documentation or codebase, where I can see http methods like to query balance etc directly from ledger canister instead of calling icrc1_balance from another canister and then exposing that other canister method to a http GET request.

No that I know.

According code, the http_request on ICRC1 ledger canister is used to provide metrics and logs.

Reference :point_right:

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Well thanks from the code its say it provide metrics.
But : Internet Computer Loading :slightly_smiling_face:

Only available on raw, these data are not certified.